Star Wars: Battlefront II Cover Art

I had a pleasure to work with teams at DICE and Black on this new SW: Battlefront II cover art that was just released on Star Wars Celebration and Star Wars BF website. I was responsible for the early iteration sketching process for the whole keyart and bringing the top and the bottom battle scenes together from start to finish. Three main characters rendered and finalized by the amazing Chris Brandstrom and Sven Juhlin. VFX by the awesome Anton Grandert.

A number of people involved in making that cover is extraordinary! Thanks to the awesome producers: Johan Sundbaum, Viktoria Anselm and Laura Black. Art direction by extremely talented: Anton Grandert, Joseph McLamb and Andree Wallin. Special thanks to Anton Palmqvist and each and everyone who did additional work on this cover!

Excited to see it on the shelves!

Star Wars Battlefront II: Full Length Reveal Trailer