LEM Station

Low Earth Manufacturing Station

The year is 2347. Earth's atmosphere is a thick and dense layer of polluted clouds. It's impenetrable to the sun rays and makes everything alive on the surface completely miserable. Let's be honest, we've seen it coming. For centuries. Once it happened it went completely dark. Of course, we missed the sun. And what have we done about it? We've built flying cities. Industrial juggernauts. LEM Stations. Made them high enough to get precious solar power and big enough to fit the working class. Those who made it up there can sure enjoy a view. When you look down into the void, somewhere beneath the clouds, you can see what've left behind. In the shadows, a cracked surface tormented with acid rains and radiation. Earth is still screaming together with millions we've left there.

Thanks for checking out this project! I was cooking it slowly on the side and had a lot of fun! Named the Station after my favorite polish sci-fi writer - Stanisław Lem (Solaris).