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My take on AI Art on ArtStation

I've been here since day one. Always excited about the way this platform grew and enabled artist to interact, inspire and create. I always helped the creators of the website when they asked me for advice or opinion. I was excited for this platform when CGHub went down. Does that really have to end now? Just like that?

What is the platform without its community? Isn't the platform like ArtStation built on the artwork? One of the most important tasks of such website would be to nurture and protect that art like its own identity. To stand by it, to advocate for it, to enable the best conditions for that artwork to thrive, for artists to get better, not feel used, fed to an algorithm, abandoned, addressed by Privacy Policy update email. Really? ArtStation has to decide what it want to be. Who it stands for. Why it exist. We will know really soon - and then - I'm sure people will decide on the future of this platform. Not Epic Games, not some other big exec - but the people, artists, that make this platform possible and alive.

Ethical use of AI generated images is possible and it can become a powerful tool, but only when the source material gets the respect it deserves. The tool can mature and find it's niche without harming the artist. I believe both can thrive if approached properly. Therefore regulation of the subject is mandatory and can only come from our collective opinion and opposition. I believe in integrity of the platform such as ArtStation and hope their future actions can speak for it.

I came back from the dead to post this.